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Bomb Cyclone Snow Removal

Somerville, MA - 1/11/18 - MDRs snow removal crew has been hard at work since January 4th when the bomb cyclone dropped almost 14 inches on the Boston area in 48 hours. The storm was the first of the season and the rapid accumulation left most of the area burried in snow. MDR worked dilligently to clear the snow from the streets in Somerville, MA. The snow removal crew has completed their work for this storm and is ready for whatever this season has in store.


MDR Sponsors Local Motocross Up-and-Comer

Tewksbury, MA - 1/10/18 - MDR Construction has decided to sponsor Zach Brandano in his continuing motocross career. The local up and comer rides at Crowhill Motocross Track in Baldwinville, MA. Zach does track, pit and trail rides. He can not wait to get his new bike out on the track and is excited about his latest sponsorship from MDR. 

Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 12/12/17 - Refacing of the larger section of the concrete seawall is currently underway on Winthrop Shore Drive. The concrete has been poured into the framing and will set before the framing is removed and the wall is sealed. 


Taunton Update

Taunton, MA - 12/1/17 - The catch basins are being installed at the Harts Four Corners site in Tauntion, MA. The MDR crew is laying the pipe for connection and will soon begin preparation for our winter shutdown. 


Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 11/29/17 - Road excavation is currently underway on Winthrop Shore Drive. The upper portion of the concrete sea wall has been refaced and is ready to be sealed. The lower part of the wall has been framed and prepared for the start of the refacing process.


King Oak Hill Park Update

Weymouth, MA - 11/17/17 - Clearing and tree removal has begun at King Oak Hill Park in Weymouth, MA. This is the first step in the creation of the new section of the park. The stumps have also been removed as part of the clearing and grubbing process. 


Lowell Street Sewer Improvements

Wilmington, MA - 11/15/17 - MDR wins bid for sewer improvements project on Lowell Street in Wilmington, MA. The project will include updates to the sewer system including the addition of a new sewer pump station. The contract price is $561,900.00 and the project is expected to be completed by January 2018.


Taunton Update

Taunton, MA - 11/14/17 - Phase 1 of the intersection improvements is nearing completion at our site on Route 140 in Taunton. Installation of the granite curb and construction of the new sidewalks is currently underway. ADA detectable warning panels and accessibility ramps will represent the final steps of Phase 1. Phase 2 will begin with full depth excavation for road widening and drainage improvements on County St. 


Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 11/7/17 - Seawall repairs are well underway as progress continues in Winthrop, MA. The granite wall has been drilled in preparation for grouting. The drilling insures that the foam grout injections reach the back of the concrete wall sealing it to prevent water permeation. The concrete wall has been prepared for refacing using a grid pattern and rebar that will reinforce the wall. 

Concrete wall with grid pattern

Concrete wall with grid pattern

Concrete wall, grid pattern with rebar

Concrete wall, grid pattern with rebar

Drilling of granite wall 

Drilling of granite wall 

Granite wall with drilled holes ready for grouting

Granite wall with drilled holes ready for grouting

Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 10/19/17 - MDR crews are diligently working on the seawall repairs to both the granite and concrete seawalls at Winthrop Beach. The repairs include epoxy grouting of the granite wall and epoxy injection of the concrete wall using a Warren Environmental patented epoxy foam.  


Downtown Needham Ribbon Cutting

Needham, MA - 10/10/17 - Downtown improvements (Phase 1) has been completed on Great Plain Ave in Needham, MA. Town officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony today, October 10, 2017 at 2 PM, which was attended by MDR President Mike Saccone. The now finished project included road widening, drainage improvements, traffic signals and various streetscape amenities. The Town of Needham could not be more pleased with the work completed by MDR and its crews. 

needham compass.jpg

Taunton Update

Taunton, MA - 10/4/17- The retaining wall is nearing completion at the intersection of County St and Hart St in Taunton, MA. Traffic signal work will soon begin with removal of a traffic arm. It will be replaced with a temporary signal pending completion of the new traffic system.

photo 6.jpg

Downtown Needham Update

Needham, MA - 10/4/17 - Work has concluded in downtown Needham, MA where improvements have been underway since summer of 2016. The final steps were paving and striping. The offical ribbon cutting is set for October 10, 2017.

Week 63 - Photo 1.jpg
Week 63 - Photo 2.jpg
Week 63 - Photo 3.jpg

King Oak Hill Park

Weymouth, MA - 9/27/17 - MDR Construction was successful bidder today at 2 PM for a new project in Weymouth, MA! The project involves the betterment of King Oak Hill Park and the low bid that won MDR the contract was $1,721,591.00. The Town of Weymouth project will see the construction of a new 1500 foot pavilion as well as a building for public restrooms. Additional improvements will include new sidewalks and lighting, 55 parking spaces,  a fully accessible 5 foot wide hilltop perimeter walk, updates to the storm water management system and greater preservation of existing vegetation. MDR is very excited for the project and can begin mobalization as early as October 18, 2017. The project is expected to be completed May 1, 2018.