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King Oak Hill

Weymouth, MA - 7/13/18 -  MDR has reached the final stages of work at King Oak Hill Park in Weymouth. Striping and pavement markings have been completed and signs and site furnishings have been installed.  



Dargoonian Farm LLC

Andover, MA - 7/13/18 - MDR is excited to announce the first zucchini harvest from newly acquired Dargoonian Farm in Andover, MA. The farm produces flowers and vegetables for wholesale. Vegetables that will be harvested this season include zucchini, summer squash, green peppers and eggplant. Mums are also potted and will be fully grown by fall. 

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King Oak Hill Park Update

Weymouth, MA - 6/29/18 - As the project at King Oak Hill Park draws to a close, the final stages of work have begun. The lighting has been installed in the Pavilion, benches and site furnishings are being put in place. Tree plantings have begun as well as final grading  and painting.

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 Picture provided 

Picture provided 

Stoneham Update

Stoneham, MA - 6/26/18 - MDR is awarded $2,191,381.50 project with Massachusetts Department of Transportation at the intersection of Route 28 (Main Street) and North Street in Stoneham, MA. The project consists of roadway reconstruction including, modified intersection alignment, milling and overlay with full depth roadway reconstruction, cement concrete sidewalks and wheelchair ramps, pavement marking and signing, new traffic signal system, drainage adjustments and granite curbing. MDR is excited to begin work and expects to break ground after July 4th, 2018.  

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Taunton Update

Taunton, MA - 6/26/18 - MDR crews have worked tirelessly to complete road widening and full depth excavation for Phase 2. Phase 2 has been paved to binder and intermediate courses and striped with temporary pavement markings. Curbing and sidewalks will be installed next.


King Oak Hill Park Update

Weymouth, MA - 6/19/18 - MDR Construction is nearing completion of King Oak Hill Park in Weymouth, MA.  Designed by the Landscape Architecture Firm Shadley Associates, the Park preserves 24 acres of land for public use.  The program includes open meadows with a view of the Boston skyline, a ¼ mile walking path, sitting spaces, restroom facilities, and a pavilion. 

King Oak Hill Park - site construction - weymouth ma.jpg

Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 4/27/18 - The construction of Highland park is moving quickly at our beach front site on Winthrop Shore Drive. The site furnishings; including benches, tables and bike racks have been installed, as well as the concrete pavers for the checkerboard. The next step for the park will be landscaping. 

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Taunton Update

Taunton, MA - 4/17/18 - MDR's crew remobilized at our site in Taunton, MA early in April. They are already hard at work installing the remaining underground electrical conduit. The conduit will be used for the new traffic signals which were installed during the winter months. MDR is also currently installing the new drainage structures. The next step in the project will be road widening for phase two and is expected to begin within the next three weeks.


Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 3/19/18 - The concrete sea wall has been completed and work has begun at Highland Park, located at the beach access point on Winthrop Shore Drive. The curbing has been put in place and the park is expected to be complete by the end of May 2018. 


King Oak Hill Park Update

Weymouth, MA - 3/7/18 - The underground recharge system has been installed at King Oak Hill Park. This is a deep percolation system for aquifer replenishment. The system ensures that the water table is replenished by catching water before it is carried away via the drainage system.


Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 3/5/18 - MDR crews were hard at work over the weekend cleaning the ocean front site after the latest storm. The Nor'easter featured 92 MPH winds, coastal flooding and left an estimated 2 million people without electricity. The site in Winthrop, MA did not suffer any lasting damage and the MDR crew was able to successfully clear the sand and debris from the streets. Normally scheduled work will continue without delay.


Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 2/22/18 - Seawall rehabilitation nears completion at our site on Winthrop Shore Drive. The final pour for the cap portion of the concrete wall has been set and marks the final step in the rehabilitation of the wall. MDR is excited to unveil the finished product!


Winthrop Shore Drive Update

Winthrop, MA - 1/18/18 - The top portion of the seawall has been formed and the first pour of new concrete has been completed. The second pour is tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday. The wall is expected to be completed within the next three weeks.